Parkour for Kids (+Family)

Parkour refers to ninja-like moves that one can do around obstacles with efficiency, speed, and generally a great deal of grace. Though it started with a few friends from France it has become increasingly popular all over the world.

Parkour has its own unique way of changing children’s lives in a positive way. Parkour moves have been used in great movies like The Bourne Ultimatum and even the famous James Bond classic Casino Royale, making it easy for kids to become motivated.

Though it is known as an urban sport, it is more closely resembles a martial art. There are some parkour gyms and classes springing up, but they aren’t widespread yet. There is no special equipment, but special attention should be paid to the shoes, as they are very important. UltimateParkourGear has a comprehensive list of in depth parkour shoe reviews.

Kids love to jump around, getting them to learn parkour is not only easy, but advantageous for a variety of reasons. Children get to learn to get around objects in a correct and safe way. If you enroll in classes, the instructor will teach him or her how to explore and control their potential in a smart and a disciplined manner.

Kids who train parkour learn to interact with their surrounding environment by creatively jumping, rolling, and even crawling. They get to look at the world in a way that most don’t. He or she will eventually have a courageous mind, the fact that he or she can get over or around obstacles in simple and safe ways. In turn, it boosts their morale in general. Parkour involves an obstacle-course-like action that challenges them mentally and physically, this will help children when they face real life emotional and physical obstacles. Parkour is a physical art form of natural movement that can help change a kid’s life in a positive, progressive, and lasting way. It is the most fluid type of exercise a kid can get.

Parkour moves can be unique to each kid involved in it. Movement can easily be adapted based on an individual participant’s weight, strength, speed, and endurance. What makes parkour for kids such a rewarding activity is that even kids that don’t always feel great about their body eventually come out having a more positive mind about themselves and feel they can push themselves to improve. Childhood is the stage where the future of a kid’s life can be shaped, if they obtain the  right mindset then they can always feel wonderful about life and will always be able to tackle any challenges they encounter.

Though parkour moves might sound dangerous for children to attempt, safety and slow progression is highly promoted by the parkour community. Parkour moves aren’t just done unceremoniously, they involve some basic skills that children acquire before attempting more complex ones.

In Summary

Enrolling children in parkour training will improve their character, they will develop mental and physical strength, and will generally build their confidence up with new challenges.

5 Tips for A Healthy Family

Making sure you have a strong family dynamic is one of the most pivotal things which every family member must do. Of course the metric should be set and maintained by the parents, even if it’s true that every family member living in a household must contribute to the family dynamism. Here are some general rules about how to conduct yourself in a family setting so that the most positive end result is reached.

Common Goals: One of the easiest ways to bring about harmony in a home setting is to all be reaching for the same or similar common goals. These can be big specific things (wanting to buy and own a family farm or vacation property) or longer term, broader goals (career happiness, scholastic success) but in general when you are all working towards a common goal you all have something in common. These can even be smaller day-to-day events like wanting to get a good parking spot in your neighborhood or wanting to go out to the movies this weekend. Keeping things on a common plane works wonders.

Positivity: Another simple thing missing from many home lives is just a simple bit of positivity. If you yourself are positive about what you’re doing and what your family members are doing then the chances are that these good vibes are going to rub off on you and you’re going to get some reciprocity.

Space Apart: Another important cog in the family dynamic is being able to have your space apart. If you are always on top of one another in the home and you don’t have anyplace to go to get away from everyone you’re all going to go mad. Even if it’s just a corner of a room or an area in your immediate surroundings, having somewhere to go and escape the hectic pace of family life when you need to is vital.

Togetherness: Even with the need for space there is also the similarly vital need for companionship. You need to be able to be in a place where you as a family are able to regularly get together, catch up and see what’s going on with one another. Maybe it’s a weekly dinner or maybe you only have time during the day during the week. Whatever the occasion it’s important to know that you have a group of people who will back you up and help you through any major or minor troubles and heartaches.

Peace: Finally it’s important that you offer to your family members and their immediate sphere a setting resembling some kind of peace. No one wants to enter into a battlefield inside of their own home. When you are offering up the fig leaf to the world then this says that there is nothing you can’t all work thought together and there are no challenges you all can’t together, overcome!